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Space: The Final Frontier

Leave the Blue Planet behind to explore the cosmos and the technology that will take us there.



  • NASA Challenger Learning Center - Mission to Marsimage asset
    • What is it like to be an astronaut? Join the Challenger space crew and run a simulated space mission and see if your team can meet the challenge. Experience both work as an astronaut in the spacecraft and the supporting role of Mission Control during this flight. Crew members must be prepared to work with technology like computers, probeware, or robotics in order to accomplish their mission goals.
  • The Planets of the Goldilocks Zone
    • What if you were stranded on Mars, could you survive? Using the latest 3D remote satellite images you will uncover the physical process, atmospheric conditions, and geologic formations on the planet and determine its ability to be inhabited.   Knowing your survival needs on Earth, can you find a way to exist on this red planet?
  • Spirit and Opportunity: Landing on Mars
    • In this workshop we will simulate the modeling and revision process used by NASA engineers as you design and refine your spacecraft in order to have a successful landing. Who will get their rover closest to the landing zone in one piece?
  • YES... It is Rocket Science!
    • Students will experience what it’s like to be a rocket scientist by building and launching a model rocket. Take rocketry from the ground to the sky by exploring the concepts of engineering design to the science of Newton’s Laws of motion! We finish by launching our rockets and observing the phases of a rocket’s flight profile. Tomorrow’s aerospace engineers, technicians, NASA and commercial astronauts begin here. Let the journey begin!
  • To Explore Strange New Worlds
    • Experience other worlds, both real and imagined!  In this hands-on session, using special software you will create and modify virtual landscapes, and design virtual habitats to protect and shelter your virtual Galactic Explorers.  Special emphasis will be given to how a good understanding of mathematics allows you to extend your creative capabilities.  The software is free, so you can continue to use it on your own.
  • Life in the Cold, Dark and Silent Vacuum of Space
    • Life in space is hard - very hard. With a veritable void of all matter, temperatures approach absolute zero and there is nothing to stop the sun’s vicious radiation. Using liquid nitrogen, we will investigate the cryogenic conditions in outer space and devise ways to make life possible in such a desolate destination.

Keynote Speaker:

30 Years of Discovery with the Hubble Telescope 

Maurice Henderson, Former NASA Engineer

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Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Location: MathScience Innovation Center
2401 Hartman Street, Richmond, VA 23223

Cost: $20 per student (consortium: King William, Petersburg, Colonial Heights) / $40 per student (non-consortium)
Lunch: Provided for all students


For additional information, please contact
the MathScience Innovation Center at (804)343-6525