Broadcom semifinalists 2

The MSiC is pleased to congratulate the 2017 MRSF Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalists!

Perisa Ashar,  William Pardo, Ashwin Prabu, and Cameron Sharma, all of whom attended Moody Middle School in Henrico County last year, were awarded a Broadcom MASTERS certificate which is affectionately known as the “Golden Ticket” as a reward for earning a spot amongst the top 10% of the participants at the MRSF.  Broadcom sponsors this national competition which is appropriately named Math Applied Science Technology Engineering for Rising Stars. Thousands of applicants compete to be chosen as one of the 300 semifinalist who then continue in the completion in the hopes of becoming one of the 30 finalists. These finalists are invited to Washington D.C. for a week of STEM experiences, competitions, and it culminates with a Showcase/fair in which they are in the running to win $100,000 worth of prizes. Perisa, William, Ashwin, and Cameron, we congratulate you once again and wish you luck in the competition to become Broadcom MASTERS Finalists. 

Bryce Perisa Cameron 2Perisa Ashar
Teacher:  Jacquelyn Calder
Currently/9th Grade Maggie Walker Governor’s School

William Pardo
Teacher:  Marivic Mitchell
Currently/8th Grade George Moody Middle School

Ashwin Prabu
Teacher:  Christopher Bishop
Currently/9th Grade Godwin High School

Cameron Sharma
Teacher:  Kelly O'Connor
Currently/8th Grade George Moody Middle School