The MathScience Innovation Center houses nine uniquely designed rooms, including the only Challenger Learning Center in Virginia, a simulated Weather Emergency Operations Center, a 20,000 gallon series of aquaria and a touch tank, along with several outdoor learning spaces, including a pond. During MSiC specialized lessons, students and their teachers engage in robust, SOL-based content ranging from ecology, physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering, space and computer science and more. All lessons are between two and three hours in length and are taught by MSiC educators. While lessons are geared toward 3rd- 6th grade, we are able to expand the lesson content for students who need more scaffolding and/or extensions, as well as for elementary and secondary students.

Center lessons are free of charge to teachers in our consortium* and are scheduled through the designated MSiC Representative at each school. To ensure participation, please confirm all lesson dates through your MSiC Rep by November 1. After November 1, lessons become available to all divisions. For those outside of the consortium, there is a fee for participating in MSiC lessons (see website for information).

For more information

Please contact Carolyn Shute (343-6525, ext. 80222) 

*MSiC consortium school divisions are: Colonial Heights, Hanover, Henrico, King William, Petersburg, and Richmond public schools.

Scroll down for more information about each of our nine Center lessons.
  • Aquatic Adaptations

    Aquatic Adaptations

    A central feature of this lesson is the 20,000 gallon set of aquaria which taken collectively, represent the six different
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  • Challenger Learning Center: Expedition Mars

    Challenger Learning Center: Expedition Mars

    Challenger Center transports students to a cutting-edge Mission Control room and a high-tech space station for an unforgettable learning experience! 
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  • ECO-Detectives


    Our environment is filled with living and nonliving components that interact and affect each other in many ways. In Eco-Detectives,
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  • Fractal Keys

    Fractal Keys

    Join our tour group to explore Fractal Keys, our fantasy islands, where we can use our math understanding, skills, and
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  • Innovation Station

    Innovation Station

    Get ready to create in the Innovation Station! Here, students explore the mechanics of simple and compound machines by constructing
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  • Kicking It with Newton

    Kicking It with Newton

    Why does a skateboard go forward when a foot pushes backward? Why does a body move forward when you hit
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  • Mystery Cargo

    Mystery Cargo

    In Mystery Cargo students perform experiments to determine the impact of an accidental breach of a cargo container on the
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  • The World of Spiders

    The World of Spiders

    Welcome to the world of arachnids where students observe living specimens, engage in demonstrations and hands-on experiments through the use
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  • Weather Emergency Operations Center

    Weather Emergency Operations Center

    In the Weather Emergency Operations Center, students use interactive multimedia along with simulated and real-time data to make observations, inferences,
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