Simulated Space Mission and Team Building Activities

Challenger Center Richmond at the MathScience Innovation Center offers a unique corporate program designed to promote strong 21st century work skills. Creative problem-solving, teamwork, informed decision-making and clear communication skills are vital to group and individual success in our simulated space mission and in your workplace. Choose from a variety of options listed below or talk to us about designing a custom program to meet your groups needs.

Challenger Learning Center, Corporate Missions, MSICAt the start of the program, teams are engaged in pre-mission team building activities in our Challenger Learning Center, which are designed to meet the needs of the participating group as well as orient them to the mission.

Collaborative skills will be put to work in the action-packed simulated setting where things are designed to go wrong! Hands-on activities, experiments, data collection and communication within and across mission control and the space shuttle will surely feel similar to challenges encountered by not only astronauts and their teams but by workers from your organization as well. The corporate mission concludes with a mission debrief session in which participants discuss ways to incorporate lessons learned through this program into their own work environment in order to improve productivity.

Outcomes such as identifying the strengths of a collaborative team, improving communication skills and understanding various work styles provide a foundation for a successful mission in the Challenger Learning Center - and a more effective team back on Earth.

  • All corporate programs are designed for groups of 16-30 participants.
  • Program Length: 4 hours
  • Additional Options:
    • Meals/light refreshments can be added to the program for an additional cost.
    • Additional engineering design challenge and team building activities can be added for an additional $200.00/hr.
 Program Info: Crystal Clark (804) 343-6525 ext. 80255. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“The best part of our corporate mission was the team interaction and collaborating with others to get jobs done on the space station.”

“This was a totally new experience! It was fresh, creative, and fun. The presenting team has a great attitude and optimism. I liked doing something out of the ordinary, in a field beyond my usual scope of experience!”

“Many, many thanks for the incredible hospitality and exceptional instructors. This was a fantastic experience for our team.”