Advancing Knowledge Through Partnerships

As a result of a case study of inter-jurisdictional cooperation in education by the Richmond First Club, the Mathematics & Science Center Foundation was formed in 1989. Their mission is Advancing Knowledge Through Partnerships. The purpose of the Foundation is to solicit corporate, foundation, and private contributions to supplement the Center’s annual funding by the member school divisions. The Center and Foundation updated their names and logo in 2007, becoming the MathScience Innovation Center and its Foundation. In particular, the MSiC Foundation, a 501(c)(3), seeks to promote the advancement and further the aims and purposes of the Center, through the development and application of financial resources to the programs of the Center and through such other activities as are suited to that end. The Foundation was set up to accept, administer, apply and use property acquired by gift, grant, devise, bequest or otherwise in accordance with any of the purposes and objects of the Foundation that may be specified by the donor of any such property.

Funding has enabled major additions in infrastructure that enhance educational STEM opportunities for both professional development for Central Virginia educators and students.


Shawn Nicholson
SMN Square

Vice President



David O. White, EdD
King William County Public Schools 


Lucy Joseph


Robby Demeria
Phlow USA

Hollee Freeman, PhD
MathScience Innovation Center

Maria Pitre-Martin, PhD
Petersburg City Public Schools

Hal B. Miles, Sr
Petersburg City Public Schools

Thomas Millisor