Standards of Learning: 2009 Math (5.2, 5.12, 5.13, 5.17)

Join our tour group to explore Fractal Keys, our fantasy islands, where we can use our math understanding, skills, and knowledge to explore the exciting world of fractal geometry. During the trip, students will better understand how to describe a repeated pattern mathematically in several different contexts ranging from nature, rivers, nerves, blood vessels, and music.

Our tour begins on Architecture Isle where students learn similarity and how fractals are used in building designs. Then, students journey to Music Isle where they explore patterns in music and practice translations, rotations, and reflections. On Art Isle, students explore the concept of similarity, proportions, and patterns within patterns. Our last tour stop brings us to Nature Isle where students learn about the amazing occurrence of fractals throughout the natural world. Returning to our world, we see our fractal tour has not ended but only begun.