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Core Programs

Student Programs
MSiC student programs provide fun STEM opportunities and resources for K - 12 students.
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Center Lessons
Center lessons are scheduled through a designated MSiC Representative at each school.
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Professional Development
We are proud to offer 2017-18 Division Level Workshops to your divisions and schools.
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MSiC Blog

  • Intern at the MSiC

    Intern at the MSiC

    The MathScience Innovation Center was delighted to welcome Elliott for a mini-internship this week!  We asked him to write a brief blog describing his experiences at the MSiC: This week for my school, it was required that sophomores find a Read More
  • The Odonate Nymph

    The Odonate Nymph

    The attack comes swiftly and silently. One moment the small tadpole is hovering over the mud, the next it is grasped by a pair of jaws that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The tadpole has just become a victim Read More
  • Anglerfish

    The Fish That (Almost) Ate Dory

    It was a gripping scene: Dory, the flighty and friendly blue tang, is moving hypnotically through darkness toward a faint glowing ball. As we watch the drama unfold we begin to see the ball is hanging just above a large Read More
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