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Board of Directors

  • Dr. Joseph O. Cox, Jr., Superintendent, Colonial Heights (Chair)
  • Dr. Patrick C. Kinlaw, Superintendent, Henrico County (Vice Chair)
  • Dr. Dana T. Bedden, Superintendent, Richmond City
  • Rev. Roscoe D. Cooper III, School Board Member, Henrico County
  • Mr. John Erbach, School Board Member, Chesterfield County
  • Dr. Hollee R. Freeman, Director, MSiC
  • Dr. Michael B. Gill, Superintendent, Hanover County
  • Dr. Rosalyn S. Hobson Hargraves, Associate Professor, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, VCU
  • Ms. Shonda Harris-Muhammed, School Board Member, Richmond City
  • Mr. Saddiq Holliday, Dominion Resources Services, Inc.
  • Mr. Robert L. Hundley Jr., School Board Member, Hanover County
  • Dr. Eric L. Jones, Superintendent, Powhatan County
  • Dr. James F. Lane, Superintendent, Chesterfield County
  • Mr. Atiba H. Muse, School Board Member, Petersburg
  • Dr. Marcus J. Newsome, Superintendent, Petersburg
  • Mrs. Lindsay M. Robinson, School Board Member, King William County
  • Mr. Joseph W. Walters, School Board Member, Powhatan County
  • Dr. David O. White, Superintendent, King William County
  • Mr. Leo O. "Buddy" Whitlow, Jr., MSiC Foundation Board President
  • Ms. Angela K. Woody, School Board Member, Colonial Heights

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