The MathScience Innovation Center was delighted to welcome Elliott for a mini-internship this week!  We asked him to write a brief blog describing his experiences at the MSiC:

MSiC - Elliott TulchinskyThis week for my school, it was required that sophomores find a business that they can intern at and work there for at least 30 hours.  So for my internship I worked at the MathScience Innovation Center.  On my first day I expected to work with computers and technology, however I got to see a lot more.  I was able to see different people teach interesting classes like a Challenger Mission to Mars and Aquatic Adaptations in a huge aquarium with a touch tank for young students.  
I was very surprised when I saw how mature the kids were studying topics like fractal geometry and water chemistry, considering they were just 4th and 5th graders.  What I was really happy about this week was how wonderful the people who work at MSIC are.  Everyone I have met is kind, humble, and hardworking, and I admire all of that.  I am so thankful I got to work with Daphne Schmidt and all the other faculty and staff, and I'm very happy I took the opportunity to work with MSIC.