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Physical Science Here is an activity you can do in your kitchen to see (and feel) what happens when you heat up (and cool down) air molecules.  Hot or Cold
Caroll Ellis    GeoScience
Christian Stiff   Cryogenics
Sundial (Earth Day) Did you know you can tell time by using a paper plate and a pencil?  See how to create a sundial in your back yard. Creating a Sundial
  This website is an extension lesson that allows students to act as a sundial themselvs throught the day Interactive Science: The Human Sundial
  Here is a video that explains how to find ordinal directions using stick and the sun. How to Find True North Without a Compass
  Here is interesting information about sundials and how different groups used them. Read, then use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast how different groups used them. History of Sundials

Lima Beans (Earth Day) 

Plant your own lima beans and watch them grow! Seed Planting Demonstration
  Here is a table and graph for you to keep track of the growth of your plant. Also includes extension options.   Bean Growth Tracking Sheet
  This extension exercise allows for students to dissect and campare and contrast the various parts of different seeds. There is also a time lapsed video of the seed sprouting and growing into a plant.   Bean Dissection
Topographic Maps (Earth Day)  Create your own topographic map from a clay mountain of your own design. Making a Topographic Map
  Here is a cool site that shows a topographic map of most anywhere in the United States.  After signing up (which is free) you can cruise around and look at different parts of anywhere in the US including Virginia. Interactive Topographic Map
  A video on making OoBleck  Video
  Fun Time! An Oobleck Recipe
Clean Water    
  How clean is your water? Clean Water
   A video Clean Water Video
Lunar Engagement    
  MSiC - Virtual Engagement Day - 2020-05-13 - The Next Giant Leap Prepare for Launch Resource
  Virtual Engagement Sheet  
  Moon Phases Resource  
  Moon Phase Materials  
  Lava Tube Exploration