Google Tour®

K-5th Grade Interdisciplinary (also grades 6th-12th)

Everyone has a story to tell. This new web tool utilizes Google Earth™, video, audio, text and images to create unique and meaningful stories. Applications for Google Tour stories include historical journeys, personal family history, fiction and nonfiction writings; the creative possibilities are numerous. Participants will explore and create within Google Tour, and time will be included for collaboration concerning implementation within the classroom. Technology Requirements: Internet access for instructor’s computer. Computers/Internet for participants. Google Earth™ installed on participant computers.


Quests, Questions, and Queries

K-5th Grade Science and Mathematics (also grades 6th-12th)

Why are schools often the only place where the people who have the answers also ask the questions? Participants will explore ways to enrich their curricula by implementing a more inquiry-based pedagogical stance. Through a variety of hands-on activities and collaborative discussions, participants will explore ways to enrich their curricula through the wonder of ‘why?’


ThingLink® in your Classroom

K-5th Grade Interdisciplinary (also grades 6th-12th)

Learn how to create differentiated, interactive, multimedia text sets with ThingLink® interactive images. ThingLink® helps students develop 21st century skills and enrich their enthusiasm for learning through the utilization of media that they love. Learn how to actively engage students in researching, creating and applying learned knowledge while using the ThingLink® program. Participants will work in small groups to create a ThingLink® presentation during the session and will establish a free educator account. Technology Requirements: Internet access for instructor’s computer. Computers/Internet for participants.


Projects with Purpose

3rd-8th Grade Integrated Science (also grades 6th-8th)

Project Based Learning is a pedagogical approach to engaging students in inquiry-based tasks over an extended period of time. Come explore how project-based learning works in tandem with standards-based curricula and how it can be used to inspire a deeper understanding of content. Participants will develop project ideas to take back to the classroom that will challenge students at every level.


Curiosity Creates Questions

NEW 3rd-5th Grade Interdisciplinary (also grades 6th-12th)

Curiosity won’t kill the cat! -- But it will spark ideas when you have students ask the questions! Learn how to enhance student engagement through the use of the Question Focus Technique and primary sources (photographs, maps, manuscripts and other artifacts). You will be introduced to activities which incorporate the 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in science, social studies, math and language arts.


For more information:

Please contact Daphne Schmidt (343-6525, ext. 246) or Tawana Gilyard (343-6525, ext. 221).