The MathScience Innovation Center is pleased to offer educational loan kits to teachers in our consortium school divisions. MSiC Loan Kits are curricular resources containing rigorous STEM activities, materials, and sophisticated equipment (GPS units, weather instruments, etc) for hands-on, inquiry-based student learning. Materials and content have been selected to provide in-depth instruction of the concept addressed and include a lesson plan or curriculum guide, manipulatives, lab materials, activities, informal assessment tools, teacher demonstrations, and resource materials. All MSiC Loan Kits meet the Virginia Standards of Learning. 

To Reserve a Kit:

Loan Kits can be borrowed for up to three weeks to a school or individual teacher and are reserved on a first-come, first served basis. Loan Kits are distributed to schools in Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, and Richmond through the inter-office mail system. Teachers in other full consortium member divisions (Colonial Heights, King William, Petersburg, & Powhatan) may also borrow kits, but they are responsible for kit delivery and return to the Center. 

Kits are loaned by the month. When choosing a kit you will also be choosing the month you want to use it. You should receive the kit by the 7th of the month. Return the kit to the Center no later than the last day of the same month.


engineering is elementary curriculum guides thumb

Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Curriculum Guides

The EiE curriculum will increase student understanding of technology by connecting engineering and science concepts...

Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt thumb

Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt

This interdisciplinary activity focuses on applying math skills to complete an outdoor biodiversity scavenger hunt...

Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods

Manipulatives provide a concrete way for students to understand mathematical concepts, making abstract ideas easier to understand...

First American Environmental thumb

First American Environmental Circle

The First American Environmental Circle Instructional Kit has been designed to help you and your students explore the relationship of the First Americans to their environment in a scientific context, emphasizing the cyclical components of our world...

Global Positioning Equipment thumb

Global Positioning Equipment

The GPS (Global Positioning System) was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense as a worldwide navigation and positioning resource for both the military and civilian use...


KEVA Planks

Manipulatives provide a concrete way for students to understand mathematical concepts, making abstract ideas easier to understand...

Light,color, and lasers thumb

Light, Color, and Lasers

The Light, Color, and Lasers kit provides materials to bring students many investigations into the behavior of light energy.

Magnetism thumb


Experiment with the wonderful potential of magnetism using various types of magnets including bar, horseshoe, ring, and magnetic marbles...

Rocks and Minerals thumb

Rocks and Minerals

The Rocks and Minerals loan kit contains a collection of 31 igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks as well as mineral samples...

Spiderology thumb


Spiderology is designed to explore the habitats, life cycles, food chains, food webs, and adaptations of our favorite eight-legged arachnids...

Weather Watchers thumb

Weather Watchers

The Weather Watchers kit was designed to teach students weather concepts including observation of weather and the collection of weather data over time...