The Light, Color, and Lasers kit provides materials to bring students many investigations into the behavior of light energy. Through a variety of activities, students should achieve a greater understanding of the nature of light such as reflection, refraction, and color perception.  Simple optical instruments are included to demonstrate how light energy may be manipulated and used as a communication tool. The activities within the kit are adaptable for various grade levels and are targeted to support both state and national Science Standards.


5, PS

SOL Concepts/Skills

Investigation of white light including colors, electromagnetic and visible spectrums, characteristics of transverse waves; reflection, refraction, diffraction, opaque, transparent, translucent and using optical tools (5.3, PS.9); using light as a media to be a sound communication tool (5.2); wavelength, frequency, speed, amplitude, crest, and trough; the wave behavior of light; images formed by lenses and mirrors; and technological applications of light (PS.9)

Kit Contents: 

  • A ray box
  • laser pointers
  • flashlight
  • filters
  • prisms
  • mirrors
  • convex and concave lenses
  • 4 resource books
  • unit guide with 13 activities
  • a Mirage Maker
  • a fiber optic receiver box and a hologram are the extra components to make these light lessons spectacular.