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Little Innovators awakens creativity, curiosity, and innovation in every child!

Students and adults together explore the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math through design-and-build activities, hands-on experiments, and engaging, problem-solving challenges.

Encourage your little innovator to investigate, discover, and grow!

Program Details

A parent/guardian, grandparent, or another responsible adult must accompany each child. 

Please check the grade levels of each course carefully.  Only register your child for a class appropriate to their grade level.  Younger siblings may not attend class.

Dates: Saturdays in 2020: January 25, February 15, April 18, and May 2
Time: 9:30 AM to 12 PM 
Location: MathScience Innovation Center, 2401 Hartman Street, Richmond, VA  23223  

Cost: $15 per class (includes 1 student and 1 adult) for Consortium Participants

(Consortium divisions: Colonial Heights, King William, and Petersburg)

$30 per class (includes 1 student and 1 adult) for Non-Consortium Participants

Registration: Online or mail-in form

 Program Brochure and Mail-in Registration

For additional information, please contact the MathScience Innovation Center at (804) 343-6525.


Little Innovators Classes


Grades K-1
Have you ever seen a robotic zoo? With Legos, you'll get to build the latest member of the MSiC zoo. You also get to program your robotic creation to move and make sounds using Lego WeDo programming. Plug into your creative side and let's build a zoo!


Choose one date: April 18 or May 2 @ MSiC campus


OzobotCoding Is Ozobot Easy

Grades K-1
Ozobot® is a robot that can read code while zooming across a card, paper, or even an iPad. The best part is you choose what commands it should follow.  Can you get this tiny robot to finish a maze of your own creation?  Can you become an Ozobot® Expert?  Coding is both colorful and simple with this little yet versatile robot.

 Choose one date: February 15, April 18, or May 2 @ MSiC campus

number ninjasNumber Ninjas

Grades K-1
Through a variety of fun, challenging games, you’ll begin to recognize and describe important patterns in our number system. Use your ninja skills to create patterns and see numbers in a new and exciting way, but the fun doesn’t end there! Your own portable games will be a hit when you share with friends and family.

Choose one date: January 25 @ MSiC campus

power of playPower of Play

Grades K-1
Bring out your playful, imaginative, and investigative side. Together, children and adults will investigate the science and math behind the marvelous invention known as TOYS. Using inspiration from traditional toys, students will design and engineer their own marvelous invention to take home.


Choose one date: February 15 or May 2 @ MSiC campus.

ladybugCreepy Crawlies

Grades K-1
It’s easy to get creeped out by bugs, until you realize how beautiful and diverse they are! Budding entomologists and wary investigators alike will enjoy getting up close and personal with some amazing creepy crawlies.

Choose one date: January 25 or April 18 @ MSiC campus.

snowmenWinter Wonderland

Grades K-1
Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night? Come and learn more about the fun snowmen have while you're resting in your warm bed! Through technology and hands-on experiments, you'll discover the amazing properties of ice and water while investigating winter throught your five senses. You'll even be challenged to engineer your own indoor snowball launcher!

 Choose one date: Janurary 25 or February 15 @ MSiC campus 

scratchLittle Coders

Grades 2-3
Create a bubble pop game complete with sounds effects and a maze that your character must get through using programming and your imagination. Learn the basics of Scratch©, a simple drop and drag coding program, to make characters move, disappear, play sounds and more. Best of all, you will create your own free Scratch account so you can play all of the games you create at home with your friends!  

Choose one date: January 25 or April 18 @ MSiC campus. 

BotBuild A Bot

Grades 2-3
Create your very own nanobot and engineer it to complete given tasks. Can you create a vehicle for your bot? Can you get it to travel in a straight line? How fast can you make it travel? Bring your nanobot home with you and explore even more!


Choose one date: January 25, April 18 or May 2 @ MSiC campus 

roaming robotsRoaming Robots

Grades 2-3
Using Rover, an easy-to-use, friendly robot, explore the world of robotics and math. Discover mathematical patterns within shapes and estimate distances Rover will travel. For the grand finale, use a programming language to teach Rover to overcome mathematical obstacles you have created.


Choose one date:  February 15 or April 18 @ MSiC campus

RocketLunar Landers

Grades 2-3
Blast off for a Lunar adventure! Learn what it takes to live and work on our nearest neighbor in space. Create a rover to travel across treacherous terrain. Manufacture systems you need to survive in the harsh environment on the Moon.


Choose one date: February 15 or May 2 @ MSiC campus 

Electronic SwitcheryElectronic Switchery

Grades 2-3
Would you like build an electric circuit that can make a wheel fly into the air? How about a musical doorbell? Using a nifty set of electronic building blocks, explore the world of electricity and make some "shocking discoveries"!


Choose one date: February 15 or May 2 @ MSiC campus 

weather forecast 146472 960 720Watching the Weather

Grades 2-3
Calling all future Meteorologists! Weather is something that we experience every day and affects many of our decisions from "What clothes I wear today?" to "Will Sunday be nice enough for an outdoor picnic?" Come learn about the different conditions in our world that make up weather as you build your own weather station to take home with you.

Choose one date: January 25 @ MSiC campus

beakerPour It On Chemistry

Grades 2-3
What’s more fun than mixing different chemicals together to see the results? Explore and investigate the world of chemistry and conduct a variety of simple experiments with common household substances. Each student will receive materials for experiments and a real set of lab equipment used by scientists in laboratories.

Choose one date: January 25, February 15, April 18 or May 2 @ MSiC campus