Teachers’ Grant Program - Up to $500 of funding is available per classroom from selected September 2019 - June 2020. Teachers’ grants will reimburse instructors for the purchase of materials for aviation-related lesson plans. This year’s grant program is the largest pool of money to date reserved for classroom assistance. In previous years, grants have included teachers who have purchased drones to study coastal erosion, reimbursement for flight simulation, and subsidies for field trips to wind tunnels for students of low-income households.


Virginia Aviation Scholarships - The DOAV and its partners: the Virginia Aviation Business Association; the Virginia Airport Operators Council; the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society; the Virginia Space Grant Consortium; and Women in Aviation International have announced scholarships and opportunities for students to receive pilot training and aviation education. The collection of 28 scholarships for Virginia students is the largest ever advertised by the DOAV.


Outer Space


Scholarship and Grants Opportunities
2019-2020 Lillard Scholarship
2019-2020 Plentl Scholarship
2019-2020 Teachers Grant
2019-2020 Kenneth R Scott Scholarship
Art Contest
Cover Letter Scholarship List
Space Grant VA HS 2020
2019 VSCS Flyer 
2019-2020 VESSS Flyer
2020 Captain Worley Scholarship
2019 Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars
2019-2020 Building Leaders for Advancing Science and Technology
2019 Virginia Space Grant Consortium