The Math Science Innovation Center Board has voted to cancel the 2022 Metro Richmond STEM Fair (MRSF).  Although we deeply regret that many students will miss the opportunity to showcase their research and hard work at this fair, we look forward to an exciting display of innovative projects in 2023! 


The Metro Richmond STEM Fair (MRSF) provides our region’s young scientists with a platform to share research that they have diligently and passionately developed. Through the MRSF, students are afforded the opportunity to present their research to their peers, as well as to educational, industry, scientific and community leaders. The MRSF is a two-level juried, competitive fair and serves as Central Virginia's regional qualifying event for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Although many of the MRSF students go on to compete in state, national, and international fairs, the MRSF is about far more than winning prizes. The MSRF fosters the development of critical thinking and scientific literacy skills needed for students to make sense of the world, develop new ideas and make informed decisions that will impact their communities.

John B. Fenn Awards 


Daniel Philip - The Effect of Type of Catalyst on Efficiency of Water-Splitting with an Application Towards Solar Energy


Mrunal Kute - Analyzing Blue Light on Dugesia tigrina Regeneration to Model Human Epidermal Growth Processes
Maria Angel Zamora - The effect of lipid second messenger Phosphatidic Acid (PA) on Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) under salt stress

For questions concerning the Metro Richmond STEM Fair

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