The First American Environmental Circle Instructional Kit has been designed to help you and your students explore the relationship of the First Americans to their environment in a scientific context, emphasizing the cyclical components of our world. The development of an environmental ethic can be integrated into many areas of the elementary curriculum, including lesson plans and activities that focus on the content areas of migration, communication, economy, artifacts, and life in the village. Lesson plans many be used in part or in whole by small groups or with the entire class.


3, 4, & 5

SOL Concepts/Skills

This kit is ideal for both science and social studies. Science concepts incude conducting investigations (3.1, 4.1, 5.1); ecosystems and resources (3.6, 4.5). Social Studies: Interaction of settlers with American Indians (3.3); adaptations of American Indians to climate and environment (VS.2)

Kit Contents: 

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